Our Mission

To enable our clients to accelerate the development of their innovative skin care solutions and deliver the benefits to a wider market base more quickly.

Core Values:

Scientific Excellence:

This is the core principle that our Company was founded upon and what distinguishes us in the marketplace and we strive to maintain this. We are dedicated to ensuring all dermatological studies are performed to the highest possible scientific standards.

Commitment to Quality:

We are committed to the maintenance of our culture of high standards and integrity both as a company and as individuals. A supportive and motivated atmosphere of trained professionals ensures all individuals take pride in their work and are dedicated to delivering the best. Processes are continuously internally audited and updated by our Quality Assurance team driving streamlined performances and stronger results for clients.

Superior Service Delivery:

We understand that delivering consistent value is pivotal to our continued success and aim to add value at each stage of our partnership. We see our sponsors as individuals, and endeavour to deliver a flexible service that best satisfies your particular project requirements and brand goals. We continually reassess procedures and focus on process improvements to lower costs and pass savings onto you.

Recent Posts

New Equipment

Cutest are delighted to announce that we have acquired two new pieces of equipment to enhance our capabilities.

We have purchased a Canfield Visia Complexion Analysis System and an Aquaflux system

The Visia System is an ideal tool to use for skin tone and anti ageing studies.


The Aquaflux is a…

Pendragon House

We are delighted to announce that Cutest has moved to new premises – Pendragon House in Cardiff !

The new building over two floors has larger clinic space than before, enabling us to offer a greater range of services, especially in our climate controlled unit.

Pictures coming soon !