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Cutest has over 30 years experience in producing, designing and executing superior dermatological and ophthalmological testing for cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements. Projects are tailored to meet each client’s particular project requirements with customer service, quality and scientific excellence always being our priority.


At Cutest we are fully accredited by the BSI for ISO 9001  Quality Management systems and are committed to maintaining and improving our procedures to ensure all aspects of the business run to the highest possible standards.

Our comprehensive and detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are regularly audited by an independent QA consultant and updated so we can function in the most efficient and streamlined manner, whilst achieving maximum quality and scientific excellence.

Cutest’s experienced study staff conduct all studies to the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Company distinction

Cutest is experienced in producing customised skin safety and claim substantiation trials for beautycare, topical pharma and medical device studies.  With our substantial industry knowledge and dermatological expertise, Cutest can provide tailored protocol designs and clinical trial execution. Cutest delivers a quality and professional service to both small companies and large multinational clients and all studies are GCP compliant.

Our Experience

Scientific Excellence:
This is the core principle that our Company was founded upon, what distinguishes us in the marketplace and we strive to maintain this. We are dedicated to ensuring all dermatological studies are performed to the highest possible scientific standards.

Superior Service Delivery:
We understand that delivering consistent value is pivotal to our continued success and aim to add value at each stage of our partnership. We see our sponsors as individuals, and endeavour to deliver a flexible service that best satisfies your particular project requirements and brand goals. We continually reassess procedures and focus on process improvements to lower costs and pass savings onto you.

Our philosophy

To enable our clients to accelerate the development of their innovative skin care solutions and deliver the benefits to a wider market base more quickly.

Goals & Values
  1. Scientific Excellence
  2. Commitment to Quality
  3. Superior Service Delivery
Accredited by:

BSI Accredited