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Our Senior Team

Superior service provided by a motivated group of highly trained professionals.

At Cutest we encourage a supportive and collaborative team environment.  With unrivalled Dermatology and industry expertise and experience all our team members are able to contribute towards providing an efficient and exceptional service delivery.

Stewart Long – Chief Executive Officer

Stewart has over 20 years’ experience in the beauty and healthcare industry, with particular expertise in product testing and claim substantiation. A biochemist, he started his career at Unilever, researching fundamental aspects of skin function to develop more effective moisturisation and antiaging products. He then joined Boots, where over a 12 year career, he was responsible for leading claims innovation and new methodology, managing the Product Claims Department and becoming Skincare Scientific Adviser across all Boots brands globally. He developed many novel claims methodologies and worked with internationally recognised dermatologists and other leading scientists to advance the performance of skincare products. He was central to the success Boots enjoyed with the original beauty serum, and was routinely on television, radio and in the newspapers both in the U.K. and globally.

He joined Cutest after nearly 6 years with the American company Dow Corning, one of the leading ingredients suppliers to the beauty and healthcare market. In this time, he held the roles of Global Leader for Skincare and more recently, Global Leader for Medical Devices. He is a current Council member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, holds several patents and has published several scientific papers.

Dr Peter Dykes Principal Investigator

P DykesDr Peter Dykes has a first degree in Chemistry and a PhD thesis on the relationship between the inflammatory response and wound healing. Peter is a co-founder of Cutest and since 2000 he has been its full-time CEO. He possesses extensive dermatology expertise having worked for 26 years at the University of Wales College of Medicine Department of Dermatology, which under Professor Ronald Marks, was one of the leading dermatology research groups in the UK. He has published over 80 papers in his career and presented research work at many national and international dermatology meetings, and has extensive involvement in the design and execution of dermatological clinical trials.

Dr Richard Goodwin Medical Director

R Goodwin

Our Medical Director is Dr Richard Goodwin, an experienced Consultant Dermatologist both for the National Health Service and in Private Practice. Dr Goodwin is medically responsible for the clinical aspects of the dermatological studies, and for the volunteers’ health and safety. His accomplished clinical skills are of critical importance in the assessment of volunteers, both before, and during skin testing projects.

Dr. Jim Murray - Chairman


Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatologists and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. Co-Founder of Shire Pharmaceuticals Plc
"My involvement with Cutest goes back to its foundation. I was then working with novel topical steroids and their cosmetically acceptable bases at Gist-Brocades (now Astellas Europe), and with the first topical antibiotics for acne together with Proctor and Gamble.
The Cutest team offered state of the art safety and efficacy studies but most importantly, a first class consultancy/ advisory service. This personal advice service, from recognised experts,  remains a key aspect of the Cutest "offer".
Safety and regulatory studies are essential parts of a new or reformulated product's work up, BUT key has to be high quality studies that demonstrate the unique selling point and back up marketing claims for that product, if it is to be a financial success. The Cutest team, with its consistent track record, backed by bright new staff additions, is ideally placed to provide these services. "


Our Founder:

marksProfessor Ronnie Marks

How and why did you get involved with Cutest? Is a question that I am frequently asked. The implication of such interrogation is that there is something odd or even not quite right about a dermatologist who organises and designs studies on new products in large groups of normal, healthy volunteer subjects. Admittedly, there seems to be a whopping great difference between seeing an individual with a skin problem for whom one tries to help by prescribing an agent (mostly topical) that removes, suppresses or disguises the complaint, and assessing the effect of a new agent on the skin of a large number of volunteer subjects. In fact, the difference is not as great as it may seem initially as both the physician/clinician and the physician/investigator are ‘fired up’ or ‘turned on’ by the way the skin responds to one or other sort of trauma. It is this fascination, this skin biology that characterises the few of us that sit astride the boundary between clinical practice and research. Both types of professional activity profit from the association. The ability to know who to exclude from a volunteer panel and the development of simple, reliable, objective measures of skin reactions are amongst the many ways in which an experienced physician/investigator can benefit a study. Whether the proposed investigation is of a fantastic new topical retinoid agent or a wondrous new reformulated facial emollient, the only study that is worthwhile is one that is properly designed, meticulously performed and intelligently interpreted in a timely manner, and then reported.

Company Advisers

Adviser for Middle East, Africa, India and South East Asia


Dr Shahid Raza

Dr Raza has over 25 years’ experience in the Healthcare Industry, including senior positions in GSK and Roche, that covered Business Development, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Medical and Regulatory Affairs. He has been intimately involved in the management and launch of key products for both companies. He has global experience with particular emphasis on South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa. He was an International Medical Adviser to Warwick Medical School. His medical experience within the Industry spans some 7 therapeutic areas in addition to Dermatology.
Dr Raza has degrees in Medicine and Surgery, and in Economics and Psychology. He has also completed a Master’s programme in Psychology.
He is currently Senior VP, Corporate Affairs, at Pharmaterials Ltd., the physical chemistry, formulation and clinical trials production CRO.

Production, Formulation and Development Adviser


Dr David Matkin

Dr Matkin has over 23 years’ experience in the development of topical agents and their testing. He was VP of International R&D for the global dermatological company, Stiefel Laboratories, now part of GSK. He built the UK research team from scratch and was involved in the development of over 10 key skin products.  He also set up Stiefel’s Brazilian R&D Dept. He oversaw some 230 staff. In the 19 years that he was with Stiefel, the company grew from worldwide sales of $100m to a turnover of more than$1bn. He has experience in Formulation, Production, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Development of Dermatological Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals.
 Dr Matkin has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Liverpool University
 He is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Pharmaterials. Ltd.
Our philosophy

To enable our clients to accelerate the development of their innovative skin care solutions and deliver the benefits to a wider market base more quickly.

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