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Consultancy and Bespoke Studies

With over 30 years experience, we know that no two products are the same. We offer a fully bespoke service to design the studies that support your needs, not just offer a list of tests.

scientific methods


With the Dermatology and Industry experience of the senior tem, Cutest can offer consultancy services to support your brand development, product launch or market research needs, including:

  • Optimizing your claims language and meeting the needs of retailers, regulators and advertising authorities in global markets
  • Market research of product concepts and consumer response to proposed launches or repositioning / repackaging
  • Development of compelling marketing content to support P.R., launch activities, website and instore materials
  • Post marketing consumer feedback to understand product impact
  • Management and execution of field based testing (e.g. hospital wards, specialist consumer groups)
  • Designing studies that involve multiple partners to deliver the full testing needs of clients (e.g. working with in vitro testing specialists, preservatives and microbiology testing specialists and more)

Study design

The saying “The Claim Dictates the Test” is a good starting point when considering the design of a study. Cutest has extensive experience of turning proposed claims into reality. The use of appropriate controls, selection of subjects and avoiding bias are key features of any study and Cutest will ensure that these principles are applied to your study.


Your results skilfully delivered the way you want them.

At Cutest we are end-goal driven and we always involve statistical planning in the study design process. This ensures the results will be relevant, with seamless project progression and rapid delivery.

We endeavour to provide your statistical results and report in the format that is of most benefit to your regulatory request or marketing campaign. We will make clear the assumptions you can induce from the data so that these can be properly passed on to the marketing department, and provide valuable business insights on the next stage of your project.

Services offered include sample size calculations, product randomisation, integrated results or stand alone analysis report, non parametric as well as parametric analysis and support for presentations or scientific publications.

Our philosophy

To enable our clients to accelerate the development of their innovative skin care solutions and deliver the benefits to a wider market base more quickly.

Goals & Values
  1. Scientific Excellence
  2. Commitment to Quality
  3. Superior Service Delivery